COVID-19 UPDATE (July 15, 2020):

Due to recent county-wide closures, our church office will be closed until further notice. Please email us at if you need any assistance. Starting Sunday, July 19, we will have outdoor services in our parking lot. For more information, please click here.


Order of Worship 10/11/20

Holy is the Lord Church Sign

We look forward to gathering for worship outside once again this Sunday, October 11, 2020. You may download the order of worship with song lyrics here. Feel free to bring a digital copy of this, or print it out to bring with you on Sunday. Below you will also find some discussion/application questions based on the sermon. Feel free to use these in a small group setting, or to aid your own personal understanding of the biblical text. 

Sermon-Based Questions for Exodus 33

1. In verse 3 the Lord tells Israel they they will get to the Promised Land, but the Lord will not go with them. Does this sound like a good deal? Why or why not?

2. How does Israel respond to this? What does this reveal about Israel's spiritual state at this time?

3. According to verse 3 why won't the Lord go among Israel? What does this teach us about the nature and character of God?

4. What does this teach you about how we should view and value God's presence?

5. What does God show Moses in verses 17-23? What does this teach us about the nature of God? In what way are we even more privileged than Moses?