Order of Worship 10/18/20

Outdoor Service Image

Join us this Sunday, October 18, for an outdoor worship service at 9:00 a.m. You may click on this link for an order of worship with song lyrics to download or print out. This Sunday the sermon text will be Exodus 34:1-28. Below you will find some discussion questions to use during the week for yourself or your small group. 

Sermon Discussion Questions:

  1. Why does the Lord give Moses new stone tablets? 
  2. Read verses 6-7. What is your initial response when you read these verses?
  3. How can God both forgive sin and by no means clear the guilty? How is this accomplished in Jesus?
  4. How does Moses respond in verse 8? Why is this such an appropriate response to verses 6-7? Why are we so often unimpressed with these truths?