What Our Staff Is Reading

Resistng Gossip

Every year at LMCC we try to read a book together as a staff, and we try to devote some time during our staff meetings to discuss what we are learning. This year we have been reading a great little book by Matthew Mitchell called Resisting Gossip. This book has been very helpful in awakening us to the reality that we all struggle with gossip, but also pointing us to the power of the Gospel in fighting against this sin in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Mitchell begins by defining gossip as, "Bearing bad news behind someone's back out of a bad heart." He helps us understand what gossip is (and what it is not) before helping us to respond biblically to the temptation to speak gossip and listen to gossip. There are no quick or simplistic answers in this book, but there is a lot of biblical wisdom and Gospel hope. 

You can order a copy of this book here. You may even want to pick up a copy for you and a friend (or Bible study group). Our staff has really benefited from both reading this book and discussing it with others. I hope this book can be used to help us all grow in how we edify one another.