LMCC pursues missions by sending out and supporting specially equipped disciple-makers who cross barriers of distance, culture, and language, preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in order to establish and strengthen the church in places beyond our normal sphere of influence. In addition to having the world on our heart, we also pursue missions through local evangelism within our own culture. 

Our strategy is to be involved in missions to help fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). We seek to extend the Kingdom of God as strategically as possible with the resources God provides. LMCC's missions program focuses on four areas of strategic involvement:

1. Frontier Cross-Cultural Missions. 

Ministry among unreached people groups.

2. Mobilization

The process through which believers are awakened to their individual responsibilities in God's plan for world evangelization and are kept growing so that they find their place of strategic involvement. 

3. Traditional Cross-Cultural Missions

Ministry among people of other cultures where there is already a church movement established.

4. Same-Culture Ministries

Ministry among various populations of North Americans both in the USA and in other countries.


For more information about our missions program or our missionaries please contact the church office at info@lakemurraystaff.org or by phone at 619-460-6566