Our Values

The Gospel of Grace

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the foundation of our lives and ministry.  Jesus Christ left the throne room of heaven and came to earth as a human being.  In His sacrificial death on the cross, burial, and resurrection He made full atonement for our sin.  By God’s grace and through our identification with Jesus Christ by faith, we are brought into a transforming relationship with God the Father.  We are a people who were lost and through Christ are now saved.  This salvation is by God’s grace, through faith, and based solely on the finished work of Jesus Christ.  It is not based on any merit or work of our own. We believe that a commitment to this good news of Jesus Christ is central in our relationship with God and in our relationships with one another.

Exalt our Lord in Worship

The glorious gospel of grace brings us to a corporate worship of God every week.  We meet each week to exalt our God.  The exaltation of the Father reminds us that we live in daily surrender to Him.

Exposit the Scriptures

The Scriptures are foundational to all we do and teach.  It just makes sense to us that if we want God’s blessing we have to think God’s thoughts and do things God’s ways. Thus, we spend time each week teaching from the Bible.

Encourage in Personal Growth

As believers in Jesus, we are called to grow in the grace and knowledge our our Lord and Savior. This growth is meant to take place within the context of mutual encouragement and fellowship. Through our regular and faithful fellowship with other believers, we are encouraged, challenged, and loved in a way that honors the Lord. 

Equip for Ministry

Ministry is an essential part of our spiritual growth.  Just as physical activity is an important part of our physical well-being, so also, the using of our gifts and talents is an imperative for spiritual growth (Eph. 4.12-16).

Extend in Love

God has called us to extend in love to a lost world around us.  We are to shine the light of Jesus Christ in the midst of a dark and hurting world.  God’s love and grace in Jesus Christ can heal and transform.  We live in a world desperate for love, desperate for meaning, and heading to eternal destruction.  God calls us to reach out in love to those around us and communicate His gospel of grace.